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About Us
I had a dream of starting my own company ever since I was a little girl. I decided to stay at home to care for my daughter after working for a billion dollar dairy manufacturer in Seattle. My husband's job took us to the Netherlands, and while staying home, I started thinking about a food company that would make innovative Indian products. When we moved back to the US, I formed Meghana Foods, Inc., which is named after my daughter. I decided to make dairy products as the first set of products, since my background was in the dairy industry and I recognized the need for good Indian dairy products.

Ghee was the first product I made and it was an instant hit. Then came the idea of Indian style yogurt, which is different than most yogurts available in supermarkets. Taaza yogurt is made without stabilizers like gelatin, pectin, or carrageen, and it has a milder taste compared to other yogurts. We are delighted with the response we have gotten to this product in the Seattle and Portland and Bay area. We want this product to be available to everyone who likes tasty plain yogurt.

With a passion for innovative products, I decided to make chutneys, which are dips/spreads that can be more than condiments. In fact, you can make a meal out of these chutneys. Relishes and cooking sauces were my next creations. Cooking sauces are great to make quick and flavorful curries with your own choice of vegetables, lentils, meat, tofu or paneer (Indian cheese). You can also add and your own choice of spices or other ingredients to my your own creations.

My mission is to provide food products of high quality, freshness, and unique taste to the Ethnic and American food markets. Please look for more products coming to stores near you.

Sunita Shastri




Meghana Foods
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