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Indian Cooking
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Ice Cream
Ice CreamIndulge yourself in exotic Indian ice cream flavors made with premium ingredients. We have been making fresh hand-crafted Indian ice cream with exciting flavors like Mango Mania, Kesar Pista(Saffron and Pistachios), Malai Kulfi (Creamy cardamom and rose essence flavored), Tutti Frutti(cut fruits) and more for you to enjoy everyday or savor it on special occasions. Our ice cream base does not contain eggs or any other animal products. One of the stabilizers used in the ice cream is Mono and Diglyceride's, which is plant based. Hence our ingredients source is suitable for vegetarians(dairy vegetarians).

Mango Mania
Mango mania is delicious mango with mango pulp, cardamom and pistachios. We also have this ice cream without pistachios for those who cannot eat nuts or like mango plain.
This is one of our most popular flavors.

Kesar Pista
Kesar means saffron and pista means pistachios. This is a creamy ice cream with distinct saffron and cardamom flavor. If you have never tried this ice cream, we highly recommend it as you will always remember this flavor for its uniqueness.

Malai Kulfi
Kulfi is a very popular creamy ice cream in India. We have created malai (cream) kulfi with pistachios, extra cream, cardamom and a hint of rose flavor. This is also great to make falooda drinks, which are rose milk drinks with sweet noodles and topped with kulfi.

Tutti Frutti Ice Cream
Tutti Frutti flavor is one of the popular flavors of Indian ice creams. It is made with cut fruits and flavors.

Pista Kulfi
Pista kulfi is pistachio ice cream with kulfi flavor. It is rich in cream and pistachio flavor. We have created pista kulfi with pistachios, extra cream, cardamom and flavors.

Kulfi is plain kulfi without any nuts and has a lighter cream taste compared to malai kulfi. This kulfi flavor has a nice blend of cardamom and rose flavor to bring a softer taste of kulfi.

New flavors for 2007 summer season:

Gulkand is the term used in India for rose preserve. This is a very flavorful rose flavored ice cream with rose petals in sugar syrup.

Chikoo is the Indian name for Sapota fruit. Sapota fruit is dark brown fruit with soft skin and juicy fresh. The flavor of chikoo is exceptionally sweet and quite delicious. This is one of the popular Indian flavors for ice cream.

Lychees are sweet and delicately flavored fruits that have a crisp, sweet opalescent white, juicy flesh that has the texture of a firm jelly. The taste is deliciously sweet and unique. We have created this exceptionally flavorful ice cream with bits of lychee fruit for you to enjoy at special occasions or everyday.


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