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Here is what people think about Taaza Products:

"I prefer Taaza Ghee to other brands I've tried. It is the purest clarified butter I've ever used, having the least amount of saturated fat, it doesn't burn no matter how high the heat is, and it has a great taste. Taaza ghee is now my brand of choice"
Craig Smith, Seatte, WA

"The aromas and flavors of Taaza products maintain a link to the rich culture and heritage of India."
Jagadish, Faculty of Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

"Taaza Ghee is the best ghee compared to the ghee we buy in India. It looks and tastes very great."
K. S. Sastry, Hospet, India

"Taaza Ghee tastes and looks better than any other ghee I have tried. I love your chutneys, I couldn't stop eating your tomato chutney."
Michelle, Kent, WA

"Taaza yogurt tastes excellent, and is the best so far compared to everything else in the market."
Sudhir Kashyap, WA

"Got hold of some of your Ghee and it's wonderful, spares me the bother of making my own.
Keep making great products, we sure need'em."

Ingrid, Federal Way, WA


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